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Engaging Workshops and Retreats

We offer a wide range of programs and services to meet the needs of leaders, managers, team coordinators, and human resource professionals who are looking for personal and professional development resources for themselves and their organizations in every sector, industry, and community.

Serving Your Needs

Our online full-length webinar programs and in-person workshops and retreats are offered for a reasonable fee on an on-demand basis. The net profits from programs for businesses and organizations and generous donations allow us also to provide free programs for youth interested in being difference-makers in building more inclusive intergenerational teams and communities. Communication, healthy relationship skills, and proven life and leadership practices are the foundation of what Roots & Rounds is ready to share with our community's aspiring leaders! 

Please contact us today if you are interested in learning more about presentations and facilitated discussions on any of the following topics:

  • 765 ALIVE: How Many Generations Do We Communicate With Today?
  • The Strengths of Your Five-Generation Workforce: Intergenerational Culture and Understanding Strengths
  • Decision and Behavior Drivers: Emotional Intelligence for Multi-Age Teams
  • Getting Along and Getting Ahead: The 12 C's of Communication for All Generations
  • Big-Picture Foundational Skills: Systems- & Design-Thinking for Action-Oriented Leaders
  • Putting It All Together: Belonging - Building an Inclusive and Diverse Team

We love working with groups of all sizes in many different industries, communities, schools, and youth organizations. If you have a topic you don't see here, give us a shout, and we will run it by our experienced program facilitators and conversation hosts. They may have something already prepared that would meet your needs perfectly. 

Want a sneak peek at our programming?

Check out the FREE 30-Minute Lunch & Learn Webinars we posted on Fridays in September 2022 to Celebrate Intergenerational Month!


If you feel being inclusive of diverse perspectives and people is important, these short webinars are for you! Walk away with valuable tips that can help you improve your leadership and teamwork skills. The webinars are free and open to aspiring and seasoned leaders of all ages.


Why a Strong Sense of Belonging is Important to Your Goals VIEW HERE

765 ALIVE: How Many Generations Do We Communicate with Today? VIEW HERE

The Biggest Influence on Decisions and Actions in Multi-Age Teams VIEW HERE

Getting Along and Getting Ahead by Communicating Better VIEW HERE 


Stone Soup Workshop

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Upcoming Events in 2024 are HERE

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Thanks for your interest! We look forward to meeting you!